Transportation services

Road freight

The goal is to optimize the loads and routes covered by our vehicles across Europe.

Our trucks fleet, consisting of over 500 vehicles, includes road tractors of which more than half powered by LNG, semi-trailers suitable for intermodal transport, double deck, mega, standard, with hydraulic lift, vans and tanks used for LNG transport. We offer daily services throughout Europe both in LTL and FTL mode.

Intermodal transport

A strategy implemented over the years thanks to the collaboration with the main European railway and naval operators.

The systematic use of ships and trains when planning the routes allows us to preserve the driving hours of the operators, so as to be able to optimize yields for the benefit of customers.

ʼʼ A fleet of vehicles constantly renewed for an increasingly efficient service and greater respect for the environment. ʼʼ

Respect for the environment and the use of low-emission vehicles and equipment are objectives that we pursue daily at every level of the company. Our strategic plan provides for the periodic replacement of the fleet, so as to guarantee an average age of less than four years.

A certified ecological commitment