Quality & Environment

ʼʼ For years we have been pursuing policies and strategies guided by constant attention and sensitivity for environmental protection. ʼʼ

Vehicle fleet updated


Respect for the environment and the use of low-emission vehicles and equipment are objectives that we pursue daily at every level of the company. The strategic business plan provides for the periodic replacement of the fleet, so as to guarantee an average age of less than four years.

LNG vehicles


We are pioneers and promoters of the use of natural gas powered vehicles. LNG vehicles make up over 50% of the fleet. This investment policy allows a constant and significant reduction of CO2 emissions in the environment.

This project is possible
thanks to the collaboration with:



The constant updating of the technology used in the offices, in the logistics centers and in the workshop allows to obtain considerable energy savings accompanied by the production of useful energy from renewable sources (photovoltaic installed on buildings).

Trains and ships


Trains and ships systematically used for international transport services allow us to further reduce CO2 emissions into the environment as per certifications issued by our leading partners in the sector.

pe.tra, qualità certificata.

Rina 9001

Certificato per trasporti e logistica

Grimaldi Group

Certificato per emissioni CO2

Ralpin AG

Certificato Ambientale